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2016-02-22 13.54.18Veronique Ruggirello is the founder and owner of Kalimat Communications and consulting. She is a former journalist for the French News Agency (AFP) who spent several years in the Middle-East as journalist and then as international communication consultant for the European Union and for consulting companies. She started her communication management experiences in Lebanon where she created the first national TV programme about the EU cooperation in the country and lead the first regional communication and information programme  (EU funded) for an amount of € 5, 5 millions covering  8 Mediterranean countries.

Later she also worked for the Palestinian Ministry of Finance under Expertise France management to structure the internal communication process and support a team of civil servant to organise communication strategies.

She recently took on the role of communication and advocacy expert for the PPRD SOUTH II programme, (Prevention, Preparation and Response to natural and man-made Disasters) a regional EU funded programme implemented by a consortium led by Civi.pol Conseil.

Her experience allowed her to create a network of expertise and through Kalimat is now proposing assignments to a range of international experts and companies according to clients’ needs and requests.

Some of the organizations that Veronique has worked with/for (in alphabetical order)